Audio Samples

Here you can compare an exemplary "before and after" of my work. "Before" is the raw version, "After" is the mixed version.

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You produced and recorded a song and want to get it mixed? Or is it already mixed and you’re not happy with the result? Just send me a inquiry and get a free test mix. This is, in my opinion, the best way of convincing you of my work.


In 2014 I went to a professional recording studio for the first time with my band. Since then, the whole topic hasn’t let me go and I’m fascinated every day by what’s possible. Like all of us, I also strive for a fulfilled and balanced life, for me this is not possible without the studio work. I tried it, didn’t work. 

I’m not going to tell you that just me will make your song fat, energetic, polished and amazing because it takes a lot more than just a good mix. Right from the start, the focus must be on the entire production as well as the arrangement and recording in order to achieve the best possible result. Then it is possible to reach a whole new level with a good mix. In the end it’s always about whether the personal goal and the demands on a song have been achieved or not. 

In my self-image as an audio engineer, I see myself as a service provider for the bands, musicians and producers. I never impose my way, we will find it together according to your ideas. I’m here to understand you, to put that into the mix.


Music is the most fascinating thing in the world for me and I’m always excited to hear what people are capable of doing. The entire process of creating music is so individual and unique that the handling of production, mixing and mastering must also be adapted to it. ‘Scheme F’ and conventions are not options for me when it comes to work on music. I always try to listen to what the song and the musicians are trying to say and act on it. For me, this also includes a very intensive exchange with the respective artists and producers. Together we will find what your music deserves.


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